Motility Assays Without a Scratch 

It is now possible to perform direct motility, chemotaxis and migration assays in a 96-well plate format.

Conventional gap closure assays suffer from repeatability issues, ambiguities around the impact of proliferation, cell density effects and provide no indication of heterogeneity.

Livecyte's motility dashboard provides direct read-outs of a range of cell motion parameters at plate, population and single-cell levels.

Label-free Motility at the Single-cell Level



Directionality and Displacement


Graphical representations of directionality and displacement make it easy to visually identify differences in cell behaviour.

Directionality measurements can be used as a direct read-out of chemotaxis.




 The Livecyte is excellent for assessing cell behaviour analysis and quantification.  


Dr Viviane Mignone, University of Nottingham