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Dynamic Angiogenesis on Livecyte



Livecyte's quantitative phase imaging is ideally suited to Angiogenesis assays with...

  • Large fields of view (up to 4mm²)
  • Imaging through various coatings such as matrigel
  • Automated image analysis pipelines
  • Single-cell tracking during the early stages of tube formation

Angiogenesis Application Note


Coming soon

Discover how the Phasefocus technology can perform Label-Free Dynamic Angiogenesis Assays

  • Analyse tube network formation rate and stability in real-time.

  • Automated analysis of tube network, branch length, mesh number and more.

  • Perform assays in 96-well format to increase experimental repeats and treatment conditions.

 The Livecyte is excellent for assessing cell behaviour analysis and quantification.  


Dr Viviane Mignone, University of Nottingham