Simplify Phenotypic Characterisation of Live Cell Populations

Phasefocus LivecyteTM uses patented label-free Quantative Phase Imaging technology and state-of-the-art single-cell tracking algorithms to automatically characterise cell growth, morphology and motility of populations of cells in a 96-well plate assay format.


 There is nothing out there that can do what the Livecyte does.
There are huge arrays of analysis possibilities that allow you to ask questions that no other system can answer. 

Dr Mat Hardman, University of Hull



Award-winning Technology

Livecyte's patented technology uses a quantitative phase imaging (QPI) technique known as Ptychography. Phasefocus was awarded a Microscope Today Innovation Award in 2013 for the technology, and won a second award in 2017 for Livecyte itself. 
In 2018, researchers from Cornell University set the Guinness World Record for the highest resolution microscope using Ptychography on an Electron Microscope.


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 I have not seen such a rapid uptake of a totally new technology in the facility before. The assays available are versatile and the Phasefocus team support is second to none.  


Dr Sandrine Roy, Translational Research Institute